Fly me to you!

Have you ever dreamed of an encounter with me but never see me touring in your area? My 'Fly Me To You' packages are created for those busy individuals who are looking for more than just a classic touring experience. Let's organize a wonderful day or two full of blissful splendor or even just a few intoxicating hours! I am always passport ready as well and adore international travels!

These 'Fly Me To You' packages are best booked 48hrs (nationwide) or 2+ weeks (international) in advance to avoid disappointment or additional travel fees.

50% deposit required for all FMTY packages

Sponsored Tour

(nationwide only)

2hr minimum + flight cost

2hr $500

4hr $900

6hr $1500

12hr $2400

24hr $3000

Private Encounter

(nationwide or international)

4hr minimum + flight cost

4hr $1000

6hr $1600

12hr $2600

24hr $3300

2 Days $5000

5 Days $10,000

7 Days $15,000

Travel Requirements

  • airfare and transportation are additional to my rates

  • airline must be Delta, Southwest, United, or American (no spirit, allegiant, jet blue, etc.)

  • international travels business/first class are appreciated

  • extend my stay $1000 per day

  • hotel accommodations 4star+ appreciated

  • 100% travel expense required to confirm booking

  • 50% rate deposit required to CashApp, Venmo, Apple Pay or Zelle