Just a Taste 1HR $400

Perhaps you're feeling a little ravenous for intimacy and are in need of a tender touch but only have a moment to spare? Allow me to fulfill your needs in a timely fashion without lacking any substance.

Touch me Tease Me 1.5HR $500

Allow me to provide the Zoe Renee experience with this highly recommended encounter! Lets spend some quality time exploring each other before we get tangled up in the sheets. 

Tiny Dancer 2HR $600

I enjoy dancing slow because everything else in life feels so rushed. Allow me to stimulate your senses with an intimate dance or massage in preparation for the evening ahead.


Sudsy Shower, Cocktail Hour 4HR $1000

Personally I enjoy sudsy showers or cocktails on the balcony during an engagement. Do you have an activity you enjoy participating in with a sensual woman? This engagement allows enough time for an activity of your choosing, a 'preface' to the intimate part of our evening.

Intense Liaison 6HR $2000

Imagine the intense connection we can create in six hours time. This is one of my favorite packages, let's get to know each other in the most genuinely intimate way followed by a liaison between the sheets.

Sweet Dreams Overnight  *12 Hrs $3000

Business trips can be long and lonely. How about I keep you company all through the night. This engagement is available to all whom have had a prior 1-6 hour engagement with me to ensure compatibility.

*note: I appreciate 6hrs of uninterrupted rest.

Film Options & Extras

Would you like to document our intimate time together to enjoy as a personal keepsake? This can be arranged! 

  • Photos $100 (up to 15)

  • Video $300 (every hour)

  • Couples $400 (per booking)

  • FBSM $200/Hr (full body sensual massage)

  • MSOG $100 per shot (for bookings under 90mins)

  • Appointments after 7pm $200 

  • soft submission $300 (per booking)

  • Deposit 25% of booking price 

  • cancelation fee 25% of booking price

*If there is any extras that you are interested in that I have not listed please feel free to ask!*