Events $500

True to companion form, I would love to offer you an experience outside of the allusion of time. Have a wedding you need a date to? A holiday party you would like a nice arm candy for? Perhaps a work function you have to attend but prefer not to attend solo? Let's call it a date! Professional and uncomplicated. 

Dinner $400

Truth be told, I'm a total foodie! I absolutely love trying new restaurants and exotic dishes. Maybe you can introduce me to your favorite place to eat? On the other hand I love home cooked meals and am quite a good cook myself. Provided I have engaged in a 1-4hour booking with you previously and our connection proved to be a compatible one,  why don't we enjoy a lovely home cooked meal together either at your residents or one of my favorite suites with a kitchen!

Activities $300

Do you often find yourself wanting to do things like go to Top Golf or try an Escape room but never want to do them alone? Let's go on a hike in the Shenandoah National Park or attend a Cirque Du Soleil show! I'm extremely open minded and pretty much interested in any activity you might find enjoyable to participate in with an adventurous lady! (So long as it isn't life threatening)


*These engagements are for gentlemen who are looking for an amazing encounter outside of the bedroom as they do not include intimacy outside of hand holding/hugging.*